Driven by you – Kollaboration mit ganz Großen der Musikszene um Brian May eine Gute Genesung zu wünschen

Jun 11, 2020

Danny Gomez brought together a group of people to put this message together to send you all our love and to thank you, for all the joy we´ve had in our lives that´s been driven by YOU… BRIAN MAY

A big thank you goes out to Danny and his team for putting this together, all your effort and love.

The online champions:

Chris Allan (session, Cozy Powell´s Octopuss, A Night At The Opera)
Danny Gomez (Brian May, WWRY, A Night At The Opera)
Ally McLachlan (session)
Darren Reeves (WWRY, Queen Extravaganzza)

Tim Staffell (Smile)
Spike Edney (Queen, Brian May band)
Jamie Moses (Queen + Paul Rogers, Brian May band)
Neil Fairclough (Queen + AL)
Tyler Warren (Queen + AL, Queen Extravaganzza)
Ben Elton (WWRY)
Kerry Ellis (WWRY, Brian May)
Mig Ayesa (WWRY)
Alirio Netto (WWRY, Queen Extravaganzza)
Livia Dabarian (WWRY)
Frank Rohles (WWRY, We Rock Queen)
Tristan Avakian (WWRY)
Luis Álvarez (WWRY)
Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Brian May band)
Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow, Lords of Black)
Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)
Jorge Salán (Soto, Joe Lynn Turner, solo)
Arielle (solo)
Martha García (solo)
Izzy Lysell (Kings Daughters)
Yohan Kisser
Marcio Sanches
Pete Malandrone (Queen)
Andrew Guyton (Guyton Guitars)
Nigel Knight (Knight Audio Technologies)
Simon Bradley
Phil Webb
Special thanks to:
Paul Bond (Queen Extravaganzza, aka Mr. Wolf)
David Phillips (A&R Marketing)